‘Drilling Deep’: Sticking a stake into the heart of California’s AB5 … so far 

AB5 in California created the potential for chaos among independent owner-operators earlier this year when the law took effect. But attorney Bob Roginson led the fight against it on behalf of the California Trucking Association, and so far, he and the CTA have won.

AB5 may be wreaking havoc on a lot of industries that hire independent contractors but the trucking industry — so far — has been spared. Bob joins host John Kingston on the “Drilling Deep” podcast to discuss the battle in court and what lies ahead for the classification of independent drivers.

John also talks about the continuing collapse in the price of diesel fuel. It’s a great thing for the industry … or is it? He’ll offer some perspective.

“Drilling Deep” is one of the FreightCasts family of podcasts from FreightWaves.