The Gurdjieff Enneagram, due to the fact proven to Ouspensky, is formed through this mathematically feminine process:

The Gurdjieff Enneagram, due to the fact proven to Ouspensky, is formed through this mathematically feminine process:

If Gurdjieff had got usage of brand new concepts out of Vortex Mathematics due to the fact presented of the ), he could features elaborated next into the Enneagram plus shown the latest statistical derivation by Vortex Mathematics out-of “The fresh Nirioonossian-World-Sound” as demonstrated throughout the Law out of Heptaparaparshinokh, Ch 40: “are exactly that sound, the newest vibrations of which was basically obtained from olden days – and even currently here, has been taken, it is a fact, getting an extremely small number of their favorites, however, in the same Asia – for their voice-promoting instruments just like the ‘absolute vibrations’ of the note ‘do’.”

  • Mark 9 situations with the a group numbered 1,dos,step three,4,5,six,7,8, with nine on the top
  • Separate the fresh new amounts 1 due to six from the eight into the ‘Law out of Sevenfoldness’ producing step 1/eight, 2/eight, 3/eight, 4/7, 5/7, 6/seven offering: .142857142857142857. .285714285714. .428571. .571428. .714285. .857142 .
  • Observe that these performance keep the exact same repeated quantitative
  • Mark a column hooking up such quantity into community (Note that this new repeating quantitative number when additional along with her equal 9 (1+4+2+8+5+7=27=9)
  • The latest forgotten number 3, 6, and you may 9 are able to link to make an interior triangle on it top ahead. ****Hence the brand new famous icon looks***(We will see you to definitely Vortex Mathematics has actually an identical triangle in which step 3 and you will 6 constantly change metropolitan areas.)
  • Moreover, ‘s the project of one’s seven ranking of your octave once the follows: ‘re’ to position step 1, ‘mi’ to place 2, ‘fa’ to place cuatro, ‘sol’ to place 5, ‘la’ to place eight and you can ‘ti’ to position 8. The brand new apex of your own triangle within nine will then be ‘do’ to help you depict lower ‘do’ and its particular completion within higher ‘do’. For this reason the newest Gurdjieff Enneagram incorporates regulations regarding 7 (Heptaparaparshinokh), legislation of Three (Triamazikamno), the law from Ninefoldness, the newest sacred law out-of Half dozen (the internal outlines), and also the laws away from Twelve (this new intersection of them contours into the interior triangle).

One to performer in-between was a beneficial rotate area into most other performer who is moved from the point on the right to help you a point to the leftover towards kept performer is the fresh rotate section for another put

This is basically the Gurdjieff Enneagram with all you are able to lines revealed contained in this they inside the red-colored and you can environmentally friendly with the notes tasked:

Inside my basic lecture: “The key to Soul Is within the Missing Stopinder from the Dining Octave”, I overlook the inner vector contours and use just the cards while the triangle of Enneagram to show you to definitely a substance was lost at ‘la’ about Dining Octave during the Section 39 regarding “Beelzebub’s Reports so you can Their Grandson” and you may conjecture exactly what this substance try.

You to publisher, Richard J. Defouw, in his guide: “The new Enneagram on Weblog from Gurdjieff” (Amazon), becoming one of the few that recognized the new lost substance ‘la’, outlines to display one ‘la’ try intentionally omitted inside order to exhibit the action of the vectors from the Enneagram. He supports this by the demonstrating one to Beelzebub’s six “Voyages into the Earth” and other procedure in that book stick to the Enneagram acquisition, although the guy believes you to Enneagram was not clearly mentioned. His translation of your Enneagram processes is of interest whether or not I do believe that my personal solution of the forgotten ‘la’ is easier.

Towards the web page 78, Richard suggests a map regarding dancers undertaking a good “level de 2”

I became interested in this and dependent the second cartoon and therefore comes after the latest soul of Richard’s diagram off half dozen options. Toward dancers We made use of the angel while the devil away from the fresh new coverage type of the fresh prospectus to your Gurdjieff Institute (1919). Officially, the brand new angel is supposed to represent the latest inactive push while the demon new productive push; in my contour he or she is swapping natures alternatively. The new demon additionally the angel pull each other within circle. Throughout the dancing I reveal this new angel walking out of ‘la’ so you’re able to ‘ti’ to support the situation of one’s missing standing ‘la’ on Restaurants s match the author’s.